US Senior International Badminton Tournament

Also known as US Senior Open

In 1980 Carlene Starkey organized the first Senior International Badminton Tournament (SIBT for short) in San Diego. In 1985 Tom Carmichael convinced Bill Graham to sponsor the tournament in Miami Lakes and call it the U.S. Senior Open. Paisan Rangsikitpho in 1989 repackaged it as the U.S. Senior International Badminton Championships and made it a prestigious international event adding a formal banquet, entertainment, dance, and golf. In 2005 Graham sponsored the tournament on a permanent basis until his death. After which, the beautiful tournament came undone and sought refuge in California. 

A Sportsman: a person who exhibits qualities of fairness, courtesy, and grace in winning and in defeat. In every sport there comes someone whose skill and dedication to that sport makes them a dominant figure and entitles them to be called "great" in their sport. The US Senior International Tournament committee feels that both Kelly Tibbetts and Bill Graham have played a major role through their involvement both within the sport and within this tournament.

In honor of both Kelly Tibbetts and Bill Graham an annual Sportsmanship Award was initiated in 1999. It is awarded to the female and male players at this tournament who are adjudged to have contributed the most to badminton, and whose sportsmanship, attitude, and achievement best exemplify the spirit of badminton held in such high esteem by both Kelly and Bill themselves.

Year Site Kelly Tibbetts Award Bill Graham Award
Age Class Winners

As with most Senior tournaments,
SIBT features age classes.
Players may enter any age class
less than or equal to their age.

1 1980 SanDiego, California
2 1981 SanDiego, California
3 1982 SanDiego, California
4 1983 no competition
5 1984 SanDiego, California
6 1985 Miami Lakes, Florida
7 1986 SanDiego, California
8 1987 Miami Lakes, Florida
9 1988 Manhattan Beach, California
10 1989 Miami Lakes, Florida
11 1990 Manhattan Beach, California
12 1991 Miami Lakes, Florida
13 1992 Manhattan Beach, California
14 1993 Miami Lakes, Florida
15 1994 Manhattan Beach, California
16 1995 Miami Lakes, Florida
17 1996 Manhattan Beach, California
18 1997 Miami Lakes, Florida
19 1998 Orange, California
20 1999 Miami Lakes, Florida Marty Vidrine (USA) Ray Cornish (CAN)
21 2000 Orange, California Helen Nethercott (CAN) Kok Min Tang (USA)
22 2001 Miami Lakes, Florida Ann Bullis (USA) Joel Barnett (UK)
23 2002 Orange, California Dorothy Tinline (CAN) Jack Harvey (USA)
24 2003 Miami Lakes, Florida Julie East (UK) Paul Alexander (CAN)
25 2004 Orange, California Irene Leissing (SWI) Dick Witte (USA)
26 2005 Miami Lakes, Florida Glafyra Ennis (USA) Patrick Alder (UK)
27 2006 Miami Lakes, Florida Shirley Graham (CAN) Duane Enoch (USA)
28 2007 Miami Lakes, Florida Barbara Morin (CAN) Tosh Uyeda (CAN)
29 2008 Miami Lakes, Florida Jeannine Bohn (USA) Jim Duberry (CAN)
30 2009 Miami Lakes, Florida Lillian Cree (CAN) James Bosco (USA)
31 2010 Miami Lakes, Florida Carole Charnutzky (CAN) Harry Orr (USA)
32 2011 Miami Lakes, Florida Margie Uyeda (CAN) Guy Tetreault (CAN)
33 2012 Miami Lakes, Florida Andrea Weiss (USA) Ken Money (CAN)
34 2013 Miami Lakes, Florida Connie Lee (USA) Ernest Nketiah (CAN)
35 2014 Miami Lakes, Florida Hélène Dubé (CAN) Murray Foubister (CAN)
36 2015 Miami Lakes, Florida Eliana Schroder (PER) Wilfrid Pineault (CAN)
37 2016 Miami Lakes, Florida Margot Hurst (USA) John Cree (CAN)
38 2017 Miami Lakes, Florida Liz Parker (USA) Trevor Brennan (GBR)
39 2018 El Monte, California Angela Bukowski (CAN) David Shaw (USA)
40 2019 San Diego, California Lorna Hunter (USA) Heini Johannesen (DEN)
41 2020 San Diego, California
  2021 no competition
42 2022 San Diego, California
43 2023 El Monte, California
44 2024 Manhattan Beach, California

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