Mass Media

Mainstream mass media generally has little substantial coverage of Badminton, especially in the United States. However there are indeed some exceptions. A few are presented here. If you know of others please consider donating them.

Life Magazine

- 21MAR1938 - "A photograph of a couple playing Badminton after a lecture at the Detroit Marriage Clinic (see page 56), taken for Life by William Vandivert." The article has nothing to do with Badminton- just the cover.
- 8JAN1940 - Highlighting some fairly acrobatic moves.
- 11MAY1942 - Dave Freeman is honored as unbeatable after winning his 4th National Singles Title at Duke University.
- 22APR1957 - Highlights Girls at Junior Nationals
- 20APR1959 - World Champion Tan Joe Hok of Indonesia competes in the US Open.

Newsweek Magazine

- 10APR1937 - Walter Kramer and Dell Barkoff are featured as the "Feather King and Queen".
- 3AUG1992 - World's Fastest Birdie

Sports Illustrated

- 07MAR1955 - Joe Alston is featured on the front page, plus an article contrasting backyard play with competitive Badminton. Note that Joe's opponent in this rally (shown in silhouette) is Robert B. (Bobby) Williams (ref: Bobby's bio).
- 22APR1957 - The top women in Badminton are honored.
- 13APR1959 - World champion Tan Joe Hok is featured at the US Open.
- 16MAY1960 - "I Beat Mama" - featuring the Pritula family.
- 24APR1967 - "Judy Takes a Final Curtain Call" - Judy Devlin Hashman's retirement.
- 16MAR1970 - Diane Hales is featured as collegiate national champion.
- 22NOV1971 - "What Kind of Racket is this?" - featuring Sandy McIntosh .
- 31MAY1993 - Hugh Forgie clowning around (literally).
- 13MAY1996 - "The Mother of All Streaks" - a winning NY High School team.
- 3MAY1999 - Joe Alston update.
- 4NOV202 - Underrrated Badminton

Time Magazine

- 12APR1937 - The first Nationals is recognized as a "rebirth" of Badminton in the USA.

San Jose Mercury News

- 7NOV1990 - Meiling Okuno is at the top of her game
   -13MAY1992 - Roger Hedge as a dedicated coach

San Francisco Chronicle

- 25AUG2005 - Howard Bach and Tony Gunawan World Championship doubles team


- 14SEP1940 - Cover shot.
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