Mass Media

Mainstream mass media generally has little substantial coverage of Badminton, especially in the United States. However there are indeed some exceptions. A few are presented here. If you know of others please consider donating them.

Life Magazine

- 21MAR1938 - "A photograph of a couple playing Badminton after a lecture at the Detroit Marriage Clinic (see page 56), taken for Life by William Vandivert." The article has nothing to do with Badminton- just the cover.
- 8JAN1940 - Highlighting some fairly acrobatic moves.
- 11MAY1942 - Dave Freeman is honored as unbeatable after winning his 4th National Singles Title at Duke University.
- 22APR1957 - Highlights Girls at Junior Nationals
- 20APR1959 - World Champion Tan Joe Hok of Indonesia competes in the US Open.

Newsweek Magazine

- 10APR1937 - Walter Kramer and Dell Barkoff are featured as the "Feather King and Queen".
- 3AUG1992 - World's Fastest Birdie

Sports Illustrated

- 07MAR1955 - Joe Alston is featured on the front page, plus an article contrasting backyard play with competitive Badminton.
- 22APR1957 - The top women in Badminton are honored.
- 13APR1959 - World champion Tan Joe Hok is featured at the US Open.
- 16MAY1960 - "I Beat Mama" - featuring the Pritula family.
- 24APR1967 - "Judy Takes a Final Curtain Call" - Judy Devlin Hashman's retirement.
- 16MAR1970 - Diane Hales is featured as collegiate national champion.
- 22NOV1971 - "What Kind of Racket is this?" - featuring Sandy McIntosh .
- 31MAY1993 - Hugh Forgie clowning around (literally).
- 13MAY1996 - "The Mother of All Streaks" - a winning NY High School team.
- 3MAY1999 - Joe Alston update.
- 4NOV202 - Underrrated Badminton

Time Magazine

- 12APR1937 - The first Nationals is recognized as a "rebirth" of Badminton in the USA.

San Jose Mercury News

- 7NOV1990 - Meiling Okuno is at the top of her game
   -13MAY1992 - Roger Hedge as a dedicated coach

San Francisco Chronicle

- 25AUG2005 - Howard Bach and Tony Gunawan World Championship doubles team


- 14SEP1940 - Cover shot.
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