Badminton News

A newsletter published during the 1990's by USBA and then later by USAB. This monthly newsletter was sent to current members as part of their benefits and was intended as a less formal and directly mailable (fold in half and add stamp so much cheaper) complement to Badminton USA. By the end of the 1990's hardcopy/snail mail was becoming passe, producing a newsletter became expensive, and the web was emerging so publication ceased.

This collection is believed to be complete. If you know of more editions, please let us know. Brought to you by Bob Cook, Mary Ann Bowles and Stan Bischof

USBA starts a new publication.

Volume 1 - 1991

Volume 2 - 1992

Volume 3 - 1993

Volume 4 - 1994

Volume 5 - 1995

Volume 6 - 1996

USBA is renamed USA Badminton (USAB) but Badminton News continues

Volume 7 - 1997

A minor facelift and recognition of the new organization.

Volume 8 - 1998

Volume 9 - 1999

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