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A collection of historical materials highlighting the sport of Badminton, focused on items that are not available elsewhere and contributed by interested individuals. If you have any materials to help complete the various collections or start a new one please consider submitting them.

The intent of this digital museum is to catalog and preserve artifacts and history of all things related to Badminton in the United States. While some of the items here started out in digital format, for obvious reasons most were hardcopy and have been digitized.


Badminton in the USA can be traced back to the late 19th Century. During that time there have been three governing bodies. Founded in 1936, ABA (American Badminton Association) existed until 1977 and was then reformed as USBA (United States Badminton Association). USBA remained until 1997 when it became USAB (USA Badminton). An excellent presentation of the early history was written by Diane Hales for her graduate research and was later summarized as an article in the 1985 US Nationals Program.
The purpose of this study was to develop a history of the sport of badminton in the United States between the year 1878, when the first badminton club was unofficially formed, and 1939, a year that marked the end of a major period of growth of badminton in this country.

The original work was performed by Diane Hales at Cal Poly Pomona and is available online at the CalState Website. A searchable version is provided here for convenience.  [10JUN2022]





In the US historically most play has been in rented gyms owned by cities or schools. But there are also an increasing number of true dedicated facilities. In the Where to Play one can find links to many of these clubs. Presented here in the museum is a deeper look.  




Items which do not yet have an appropriate room for display.

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